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Angel Garcia talks Garcia-Herrera, Danny's performance, and Mayweather

Angel Garcia is one of the most outspoken figures in all of boxing, but he was just happy for his son Danny to get the win last night against the pesky Mauricio Herrera.

Al Bello

Angel Garcia ranted and raved through much of his son Danny's fight last night with Mauricio Herrera, as it seemed the father/trainer saw the fight fans did, and not the rather comfortable win for Garcia that two of three ringside judges believed.

Angel, however, was quite realistic about the fight in a post-fight interview with Bill Emes, saying it was an off-night, but a win, and a win is a win.

On Danny's performance: "He got the job done. Some days -- it's just one of them days. It's not like he got dropped."

On Herrera's tactics: "There was a lot of dirtiness. He was coming with his head a lot, coming into the clinches hitting Danny like a damn bull. The ref should have caught all that, but it's OK, I'm not mad."

On Danny moving up in weight: "If he wants to go to 147, it's up to him. If he wants to go to 147, then I'm down with it, but I think he makes 140 well. Just because he didn't have a 100% fight doesn't mean he's a bad fighter."

On signing another fight or waiting for Mayweather: "It's up to Floyd. Floyd makes that decision. ... What are you gonna do? How you gonna get a fight with Floyd, call him out? You don't do that. If you call him out, what happens? He does whatever he wants to do. It don't matter."

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