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Mayweather vs. Maidana: Robert Garcia says Maidana will be ready to throw 100 punches a round

Robert Garcia claims they are working on being busy against Floyd Mayweather.

Ronald Martinez


So far, a prerfect one has not been written when it comes to handling Floyd Mayweather. Nevertheless, Marcos Maidana's trainer Robert Garcia knows that even the absolute greatest fighters in the history of the sport have lost, and he plans on having his fighter prepared to be "dirty, tough, and strong". Oh, and he will prepare him to throw 100 punches per round in response to Mayweather's economical reputation when it comes to his punch output..

From Boxing Scene's Elisinio Castillo:

"The best have lost. (Ray) Leonard lost, (Muhammad) Ali lost. Everyone who goes against Mayweather is afraid. And Maidana will be physically and mentally ready for twelve intense rounds. He's going to fight dirty, tough and strong. (Mayweather is) very defensive and doesn't throw a lot of punches. With Maidana, I will prepare him to throw 100 punches per round. Winning won't be easy, but nothing is impossible," Garcia said.

As Garcia notes, winning won't be easy but we all figured that. What Garcia says about throwing 100 punches per round, along with being dirty and strong, may sound primitive, but it's the sort of thing Maidana will need to do in order to have any chance. I think they will try their best to duplicate the Broner performance. Obviously, Broner and Floyd are different but they will attempt to replicate the devil-may-care, lack of respect fighting style that was too much for Broner to handle.

My best advice to Maidana would be not to hug him if you headbutt him.

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