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Virgil Hunter gives status update on Andre Ward: 'We expect him back real soon'

Trainer Virgil Hunter spoke with Fight Hub TV's Marcos Villegas about his prize pupil, Andre Ward, and the status of the super middleweight champion.

Virgil Hunter on Andre Ward's status:

"We hope to get him back very soon. It's no secret that he's in some litigation right now. Until that sorts itself out, you know, we take it on a weekly basis. But we expect him back real soon."

Virgil Hunter on how Ward is dealing with the time off:

"It kind of goes with the territory. We accept where it is right now, what's going on right now, and we expect and look forward to the better days. His career is still in front of him. He's a very young fighter in terms of wear-and-tear, and the way he takes care of himself, and how he looks after himself. He's a 25, 26 year old fighter. We feel like time's definitely on our side. Once he gets in a situation where he's fighting consistently, then I think the boxing world and the world beyond that will come to understand how to appreciate Andre Ward."

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