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Khan vs. Collazo: Amir Khan says he will ask Ricky Hatton about how to fight Luis Collazo

Amir Khan claims that he will ask one of Luis Collazo's old opponents, Ricky Hatton, about how to attack him.

Alex Livesey

With his fight against tricky southpaw Luis Collazo coming up on May 3, Amir Khan is hoping that he can perhaps receive a little advice from an old opponent of Collazo. Ricky Hatton, the insanely popular and successful former junior welterweight champion of the world, made his welterweight debut against Collazo way back in 2006. Coincidentally, this is also Khan's first bout at 147 pounds, and he is expecting Hatton to shed some light on what to expect against Collazo.

Khan spoke to Box Nation yesterday:

"Yeah, I think it'll be great to speak with Ricky. I am leaving back to America tomorrow. I think it will be good to speak to Ricky Hatton. I speak to him quite often anyway, but, you know, he's been in the ring with him. He's going to know exactly what to do and how to beat him, so definitely I think it will be nice to sit down with him and have a chat with him. But, yeah, I think I'll do that in the next couple days."

Hatton's foray into the welterweight division was nearly a disaster when Collazo turned out to be tougher than advertised. Although dropped on a left hand in the first, Collazo regrouped to give the British superstar all that he could handle, some would say more. Hatton took home a close unanimous decision before dropping back down to 140 pounds until he got the opportunity for a superfight at welterweight with Floyd Mayweather in December 2007.

Smart move for Khan to ask Hatton about Collazo? Or is the eight year difference maybe too much and Khan won't be seeing the same man who fought Hatton?

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