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Enzo Calzaghe thinks Nathan Cleverly should stay at light heavyweight

Trainer Enzo Calzaghe believes Nathan Cleverly is making a mistake by moving up in weight.

Chris Brunskill

Enzo Calzaghe, trainer and father of former super middleweight and light heavyweight champion Joe Calzaghe, has never been one to hide his opinion of others, whether it be positive or negative. With the recent news of Nathan Cleverly moving up from light heavyweight to cruiserweight after his destruction at the hands of Sergey Kovalev, Calzaghe believes the popular Welsh boxer is making a big mistake.

Calzaghe spoke with BBC Sport on why it's a bad idea for Cleverly to move up:

"If he was with me and asked if he should turn cruiserweight I would have probably said no. How many people has he knocked out at light heavyweight - two? He probably hasn't got the killer punch.

"I don't know why he didn't give himself another chance at light heavyweight to fulfill his potential, because he can get back to that higher level. There's no problem, he can be at that top level again.

"Bear in mind most cruiserweights are coming down from heavyweight. So he'll be competing with a guy probably who is a heavyweight originally - how will he cope with these heavyweights? On the fight night he'll probably be 15 stone and a half, even 16 stones. It's a lot to ask."

I have to agree that Cleverly moving to cruiserweight feels more like a knee-jerk reaction to a guy's first loss than a well-thought out plan. He's not a physically strong boxer as it is, moving up 25 pounds certainly isn't going to help. Maybe they're thinking his speed and skill will give him an edge?

What do you think about Cleverly's move up in weight after the beating from Kovalev?

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