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John Molina ready for Adrien Broner if he gets the call for May 3 fight

John Molina isn't sure he's fighting Adrien Broner on May 3, but if he does, he's confident that he can present Broner with some problems stylistically.

Ezra Shaw
Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

John Molina hadn't heard anything about a potential May 3 fight with Adrien Broner on the Mayweather-Maidana undercard until Fight Hype posted an article about the idea, but the 31-year-old slugger says he's ready to go if he is indeed Broner's next target.

"You know, me and Adrien Broner both have the same manager, which is Al Haymon. If that's the fight they want, that's the fight I'm willing to take. I would love to fight Adrien Broner. ... I would be quite impressed with Team Broner if they accepted a fight with me, given his last outing against someone with a similar style to myself in [Marcos] Maidana. Again, I'm not comparing myself to Maidana. I don't want anyone to get that wrong misconception, but I'm saying styles are very similar. He's a big puncher. I'm a big puncher. And our styles are very unorthodox, if you will."

Molina (27-3, 22 KO) really could present some of the same issues for Broner (27-1, 22 KO) that Maidana did in December. It would seem he's less likely to pull the upset, but how good is Broner? Even beyond Maidana, he's had major issues with Paulie Malignaggi and Daniel Ponce De Leon. His best win came over Antonio DeMarco -- a good win, no doubt, but DeMarco was there for rallying against the fragile Jorge Linares and then catching Molina flat cold in the first minute. (I'm not saying DeMarco didn't earn that win, because he put a tough guy down fast, but as I've always said, there's a fluky nature to most first round stoppages at the higher levels, in my opinion.)

Does Molina present problems for Broner, or do you think this is a prime opportunity for Broner to potentially look spectacular, if the fight gets made?

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