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Keith Thurman and Lucas Matthysse could be on Showtime doubleheader on April 26

Keith Thurman and Lucas Matthysse could be on the same card in April.


According to Golden Boy's Richard Schaefer, two of boxing's most exciting fighters could be on the same show next month. Keith Thurman and Lucas Matthysse, each one of boxing's biggest punchers, could possibly share a ring on April 26. Of course, sadly, not against each other.

Boxing Scene's Rick Reeno reports that Schaefer recently mentioned the idea of a Showtime-televised card potentially landing in Carson, California on April 26 featuring Thurman and Matthysse.

"I'm thinking about April 26th, putting together some sort of a big guns card, where we have two of the biggest punchers in the sport and maybe the two biggest punchers in the sport - not against each other, but on the same card against formidable opponents. And that would be Keith Thurman fighting somebody and Lucas Matthysse fighting somebody.

"It might happen in Carson, but frankly you can put these guys anywhere. It's like the 'sluggers are coming to town'. Whether you are Mexican or Filipino or Chinese, you would want to watch these guys. If you are a fight fan, you know that these two guys always deliver."

The idea of putting Thurman and Matthysse on the same card is enticing, but it's unfortunate it's not against each other. Truthfully, Thurman is a little bigger and Matthysse's camp probably wants a showcase fight after losing to Danny Garcia in September. However, I wouldn't be shocked if they face each other down the road.

No one has been named as a potential opponent for either, but with April 26 not that far away, it wouldn't come as a surprise if this turns out to be batting practice for the home run hitters.

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