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Canelo vs Angulo: Virgil Hunter discusses Angulo's power, training dedication, defense, and more

Trainer Virgil Hunter believes Alfredo Angulo is a misunderstood soul.

On Canelo's style: "I've never seen him fight toe-to-toe. I have seen him get aggressive with guys that he has a sense that he can get aggressive with. Other than that, he fights an intelligent fight. He's a boxer as opposed to being more of an aggressive-type, come-forward boxer. He's more boxer than anything, so we're prepared for just about anything."

On Angulo having a chance to knock Canelo out late: "From the time the bell rings to the bell rings in the first round to the time the bell rings in the last round, he's always got a chance to knock you out. I don't want to say he has a better chance as the fight goes on. He has just as good a chance at the beginning. Having that advantage so to speak, it's a good one to have going into this fight."

On whether Angulo will be the real test of Canelo's chin: "Quite possibly. If he gets the punch in that he needs to get in, then everybody will get a good indication as to what type of blow Canelo can take. Quite possibly, I can see that happening."

On Angulo's defensive improvements: "Defense gets better because the fighter wants to make it better. You show him the techniques, you show him the fundamentals -- but it's up to him to want to make it better. I have to give him credit and say that he's worked very hard without compromising his style to make his defense better. I think that the crowd will get a good indication on Saturday night that he's worked on his defense."

On Angulo sparring with Ward, Khan, etc.: "It helps his confidence for sure, and it also gives him a sense of belonging. It gives him a sense of -- you know, it strengthens him, because they spar with him, and they're helping him, and they're encouraging him. So it can't help but be anything but a boost for him going into Saturday night."

On Angulo's best punch for the fight: "Early on, it could be -- because they underestimate his hand speed, I know that's been an issue for some people, they don't really realize the timing ability that he has. Alfredo knows exactly what type of punch he's going to throw when he needs to throw it. There's a method to his madness when you really observe him, and watch him, and get to know him. If he feels like he can get a big punch through and force you to throw a couple that might land on him, he'll do that. It's hard to say. I can see it being a body shot, I can see it being a right hand or a hook."

On Angulo's power: "He can put anybody down. He hits that hard. His punching power is no exaggeration. It's real. There's no exaggerating about it at all. He's put the best down. If he catches him right, he can put him down. He can put him out."

On criticisms of Angulo being limited: "There are a lot of critics out there who really don't know boxing and really don't appreciate his method and style of fighting. Fans say his defense, but if you really observe him, he cuts a lot of power impact punches down. He knows how to roll with punches, as well. You're absolutely right, he's much more than what is perceived as a club fighter. He's a very thoughtful fighter, and he's also a very advanced fighter. He just does it in the style he does it."

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