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Canelo vs Angulo photos: Alvarez stops Angulo in 10

Canelo Alvarez, Leo Santa Cruz, Jorge Linares, and Sergio Thompson were winners last night on Showtime pay-per-view.

Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.


"The referee is the marshal. He has the order. He is the chief and he stopped the fight because he knew what was going on. I was doing my job. This is the law of the ring. I could have fought another 10 rounds, but the referee stopped the fight."

"Tonight I was the best fighter. I definitely rebounded from the Mayweather fight with a strong performance today. I'm very happy. I came in here and did my job."


"I'm upset because they should have let the fight go on. I'm frustrated. They should have let it go to the end. I'm fine. The referee was wrong this time."


"Of course I'm very upset. I told the doctor if Canelo got two or three consecutive punches on him I would stop the fight. He only landed one punch and they stopped the fight. Everybody knows Alfredo was coming on strong."


"After speaking with Tony and the doctor, I think it's understandable why the decision was made. Tony made his decision and he made his decision with the consultation of a doctor.

"Our job as a commission is to ensure the health and safety of our fighters. We don't want the referee to determine the outcome of the fight but he made the decision to protect the health of the fighter."


"This is my dream come true. Mijares is a great boxer, but I came here to do what I had to do to beat him. Of course he's very experienced and we had to be 100 percent. We practiced with lefties so we could be ready for everything.

"The blood was going to my eyes sometimes but it didn't bother me. If Carl Frampton is next, I want him next. I'll fight whoever they put in front of me."


"I did my job. It was difficult for me but I did everything I could. It was difficult because of Leo's reach. He threw a lot of punches but he never hurt me."


"I knew that Arakawa could take a punch going into the fight. I hurt my right hand in the fourth round and that's why I relied so heavily on my left. I want to fight for the title as soon as Omar Figueroa is ready."


"I'm okay, but I'm disappointed I didn't win," Arakawa said. "I knew I wasn't winning, but I tried to fight as best I could. I couldn't make it happen. Linares is very good and very strong."


"In the first round I knew I hurt him and I knew I had sufficient power at 135 pounds. I'm very excited about this because I was training for another fight and I took this fight on one week's notice and I was able to counter him effectively."


"I'm going to talk to my team to see if I should stay at 135 pounds. I threw punches like I normally do, but the power wasn't there."

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