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Juan Manuel Marquez talks Forum return, choosing Alvarado over Provodnikov, and Manny Pacquiao

Juan Manuel Marquez spoke with Marcos Villegas about his May 17 fight with Mike Alvarado, his return to The Forum in Inglewood, Calif., choosing Alvarado over Ruslan Provodnikov, and a possible fifth fight with Manny Pacquiao.

On fighting again at The Forum:

"The great memories and emotions that I had in 1995 when I started my career, and to return to this place is like reliving those experiences. I am very happy to be able to fight here on May 17th at The Forum in Inglewood, and it's a great joy to fight for all my fans."

"This is what we are preparing for, the victory on May 17th as I face a great opponent in Mike Alvarado. I think it will be a difficult fight. Returning to The Forum motivates me and especially to give a good show to all my Latino, Mexican, and American fans."

On why he chose Alvarado and not Ruslan Provodnikov:

"We all know that Mike Alvarado is a great fighter who trains and fights hard, he likes to exchange. He is coming off of a loss to Provodnikov, which will motivate him. I am coming off a loss to Bradley which I felt I did not lose. I think Mike Alvarado took the fight because he is a true fighter. This will be an important fight that all the fans want to see."

"I did want the Provodnikov fight. He is a great fighter. But why should I fight for the same fourth title I already had? I want a fifth title. That's what motivates me. So why fight Provodnikov for a title I already had? The fifth title is what gets me motivated and to stay active. That's why we chose Mike Alvarado, a great fighter who leaves it all in the ring. That's why I didn't choose Provodnikov. I want that fifth title."

On fighting Pacquiao for a fifth time if Manny beats Tim Bradley:

"We'll see what happens. I have always said we have to focus on the present. Bradley-Pacquiao is on April 12th and my fight is on May 17th, so we will have to see what happens, and then we can make the best decision at that time."

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