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Pacquiao vs Bradley II: Tim Bradley talks game plan, respect, Fashawn track, Manny's hunger, more

Timothy Bradley says that the story of Manny Pacquiao being "too compassionate" is an old one, and that it's to his advantage in tomorrow's rematch.

On whether he's gotten the respect he feels was overdue

"The boxing public, the fans, the media, they know that I'm a true fighter, that I can fight. They know that I'm definitely one of the top five boxers in the world."

On taking away Pacquiao's left hand

"We already know that left hand is Manny's best weapon, so we definitely want to avoid that shot."

On fighting with the injured feet in 2012

"It's just like you said, being tired, actually feeling like you're tired, but man, it's worse dealing with that pain. Not quitting on the stool, not being at your very best, having a lion like Manny Pacquiao in front of you is one of the hardest things I've had to deal with in my boxing career. Every round, I just took it round-by-round. That was it. It was just round-by-round. It was like, man, there's only seven rounds, I've got five more rounds to go, oh my goodness. Round-by-round, we were able to just stay focused, and we got to the end."

On whether or not Manny has declined since 2012

"Not physically. I think he has all the physical attributes still. I don't think he's taken a backward step as far as his power, as far as his speed and his ability. Now, I've questioned his killer instinct. I've questioned that because when was the last time we saw Manny Pacquiao knock somebody out? When was the last time we saw Manny Pacquiao step back from engaging when there's a guy trapped in a corner? When was the last time that we heard Freddie Roach, his trainer, say that he's too compassionate? 'Manny's too compassionate, he takes it easy on his sparring partners, he takes it easy on this guy, I'm trying to get him out of that.' We've heard that story many times.

"When was the last time you read Manny Pacquiao fans say, man, Manny doesn't have it like he used to have it, he used to go in there and knock these guys out. Now he's carrying these guys. When was the last time you heard Manny Pacquiao say that he carried me, Timothy Bradley, in the first fight? Just recently. When was the last time Manny Pacquiao said he was gonna knock somebody out?

"I questioned Manny Pacquiao at the Face Off, and he failed my question. When I asked him, 'What are you gonna do to me? What do you wanna do to me, Manny Pacquiao?' He said, 'I can't say.' I said, 'Why can't you tell me you wanna knock me out?' He said, 'I can't say anything.' That shows you right there how much compassion he has, folks. He has a lot of compassion for people. I feel in my heart this is to my advantage going into the fight."

On Fashawn's custom song for Bradley, "Champion"

"Bob Arum hired basically a couple of guys to help market me. This is one of their marketing schemes in getting an up and coming artist, a professional artist, to come in and record a song for me, Fashawn. Basically dedicated for me for this fight. I'm very pleased with the song. I think the song speaks volumes of how I am. I love the rhythm, I love the beat, I love the lyrics, and I think the fans are gonna enjoy it and love it just as well as I do."

"It's nice, man, it's nice. It's got good flow, good rhythm, good beat. It speaks volumes. Not only to me as a fighter, but anyone in any kind of sport. You can get hyped up to this song."

On Roach's criticism of Bradley's vegan diet

"I don't know when Freddie Roach became a nutritionist, or a dietician, or a doctor. He can say whatever he wants to say about the diet. But I don't agree with him."

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