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Pacquiao vs Bradley II results: Teddy Atlas impressed with Pacquiao, but 'old' Manny would have stopped Bradley

ESPN analyst and famed trainer Teddy Atlas gives his thoughts on Manny Pacquiao's win over Timothy Bradley last night.

Jeff Gross
Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Teddy Atlas' fight analysis:

"This was the ocean with the log. And the ocean was Pacquiao. He was controlling everything, he was controlling the log. The ocean moves the log out, it moves the log in. Pacquiao mixed it pretty nicely. After five rounds, I had Bradley winning. But then all of a sudden, Pacquiao took over. Things changed. A nice mix with Pacquiao; he'd press every once in a while, and then he stepped out every once in a while and he counter-punched. Not only his hand speed, but his foot speed allowed his hand speed really to dominate."

Teddy on whether or not Manny was "the old" Manny Pacquiao:

"No. Not the old Pacquiao. Listen, I hate to dampen anyone's parade even though I'm not afraid to, and I've done it a couple times, but the old Pacquiao, quite frankly, for me, knocks out the Bradley that he had in front of him. Bradley looked worn. Especially as the later rounds unraveled. And his legs, they looked unsteady, they looked wobbly. The old Pacquiao was stronger, was bigger, don't ask me why, but he was. And he would have been more relentless. He would have knocked him out. But having said that, a good performance, and a dominating performance down the stretch from Pacquiao."

Teddy on how much longer Manny has in the sport:

"How much longer does he has to have? I think that's the relevant and the prevalent question. Does he need to keep making money? Really? I mean, really? That's the answer. How much longer does it have to be? He's there, he can still fight fights, and he can still make big money. It's up to them when enough is enough, and he gets out before it's too late."

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