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Freddie Roach discusses Pacquiao's performance, his own game plan failure, and what's next for Manny

Manny Pacquiao's win over Timothy Bradley last weekend was impressive, but Freddie Roach says he's made at himself for not preparing Manny for the way Bradley fought. Also, Floyd Mayweather in the future? Sure, great, no.

On Manny's performance against Bradley

"He did OK. We really didn't expect his opponent to come out and fight that kind of fight. I really thought he was gonna be a counter-puncher and fight like he did in his last fight against Marquez. He had so much success in that fight. I think a lot of times that carries over into the next. But he came out gunning, going for the fences. He was swinging hard. He hurt Manny in the fourth round. He was swinging so hard that by the sixth round, he was about finished. Manny dominated from the sixth round on and he won the fight pretty easily. (Bradley) was dangerous for the first part of the fight. He came and tried to win, and I respect that. I'm a little pissed off at myself because I really didn't see that style coming and I really didn't get Manny ready for that style of fight."

On Bradley buzzing Pacquiao

"I was surprised. Thing is, I never saw Tim throw that hard. He hit Manny with some body shots that I was just cringing. They gotta hurt, because he was putting his whole body into them. He looked like a better puncher than he's ever been tonight. He did hurt Manny with that big overhand right. I never thought of going back to the Marquez and watching when Manny got hit with the big overhand right, the first knockdown in that fight. That's the fight (Bradley) went off of. I'm really pissed that I didn't see that coming. I know better. I made a mistake."

On questions about Manny going forward

"He tried to finish him a couple times when he had him on the ropes. Obviously, this guy's got a really good chin. He's never been knocked out before. Manny didn't seem to hurt him too badly. Yeah, he had him hurt a little bit, but not close to a stoppage. Bradley's a very tough guy and he's got a good chin. I liked the aggressiveness Manny fought with. Sometimes he stayed in the pocket a little too long and got hit with some shots he shouldn't have, but overall I thought he fought a pretty good fight."

On Pacquiao's next fight - Mayweather?

"It's obviously still feasible. One day in my life a couple years ago, I was asked every day in my life about the Mayweather fight, no matter where I was or what country I was in. It's lost maybe a little bit, but it's still the biggest fight out there. It's still a fight that we want, one we want badly. More than Marquez. Definitely more than Marquez. Because we've already done that five times, or six, something like that. The thing is, we would like to get that one back, yes, it's the next best thing. But Mayweather's still the top guy out there because he's considered the best fighter in the world today, pound-for-pound. He's the No. 1 guy. He's undefeated, and we would like to give him his first loss."

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