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Mikey Garcia reportedly filing suit against Top Rank

Mikey Garcia is reportedly suing Top Rank and seeking a split from the promotional giant.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Super featherweight titlist Mikey Garcia is looking to get out of his deal with Top Rank, Inc., as the 26-year-old fighter has reportedly filed suit against his promoter, according to a report and court documents first posted and reported at by Jeandra LeBeauf.

Garcia (34-0, 28 KO) says that two contracts signed in 2007 and 2009 overlap one another, and violate the Boxing Reform Act.

Garcia has been a regular featured fighter on HBO since 2011, when he made his debut on the network against Matt Remillard. He has failed to develop a significant following, even though he's certainly made his case as one of the sport's best fighters, and there is certainly some reason to believe that he may see moving on to Golden Boy or another promoter beneficial to his career, as GBP has more name fighters available at or near his weight class. That's just speculation, but it's not like nobody's ever thought that before.

Do remember, however, that Nonito Donaire did something similar to this a couple of years ago, and ultimately wound up staying with Top Rank after an arbitrator ruled in the promoter's favor, and things have been pretty smooth sailing between the parties since then.

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