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Top Rank attorney says Mikey Garcia's contract is legal, lawsuit is baseless

Mikey Garcia's lawsuit against Top Rank will go on, but an attorney representing the company says that Garcia's team has no case.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

An attorney for Top Rank, Inc., tells that fighter Mikey Garcia's lawsuit against the promotional giant is "baseless," and that his contract is completely legal and enforceable, which is obviously what you'd expect to hear. Garcia filed suit against Top Rank seeking to free himself from the deal under the Boxing Reform Act, which was reported yesterday.

Here's what attorney David Marroso told The RING:

"Mikey Garcia's lawsuit against Top Rank is baseless. The promotional agreement is 100 percent legal, 100 percent valid and 100 percent enforceable. Mikey and his lawyers know this, which is why they are saying, ‘we should renegotiate.' Top Rank has invested huge sums of money to help develop the Mikey Garcia brand, and we are going to vigorously defend our rights in court."

Marroso is referring to an interview with a Garcia lawyer that was posted at

Whether or not Garcia and his team have a real case, this will mean that the 26-year-old fighter is sidelined for the time being, however this turns out. As mentioned yesterday, Nonito Donaire was in a similar situation a couple of years ago, reconciled with Top Rank, got a new deal, and life went on for everyone.

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