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Julio Cesar Chavez Jr and Al Haymon reportedly in discussions

Top Rank may be in danger of losing one of its only bankable names, as Julio Cesar Chavez Jr is reportedly speaking with Al Haymon about switching teams.

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

Julio Cesar Chavez Jr, one of the most bankable stars in the sport today, is reportedly speaking with mega-adviser Al Haymon about potentially linking up to do business going forward, with one report saying that Haymon has offered Chavez a multi-year deal worth $47 million.

This means a few things. For the immediate future, this puts Chavez's July fight with Gennady Golovkin up in the air. For another thing, this could be a huge blow for Top Rank and HBO in their battle with Haymon, Golden Boy, and Showtime. Chavez is one of the only real money fighters in the former stable at this point. If he winds up with the other side, Showtime would almost everyone but Manny Pacquiao locked up. Even Miguel Cotto, should he beat Sergio Martinez on June 7, would probably be looking to the Showtime side for his next bout, because there wouldn't really be anyone for him to fight otherwise.

This is a pivotal time for Bob Arum and Top Rank.'s Dan Rafael tweeted this earlier:

The $47 million deal is just one figure being rumored, and it's not as if that's been confirmed by anyone official, but this is not a "confirmed by anyone official" situation. It looks pretty clear that Arum and Top Rank are going to have to pony up some big-time cash, however it shakes out, if they want to keep Chavez on their team.

What do you think? For the money being talked about -- or even something like $30 million over a few years -- would you let Chavez walk? He's frankly a pretty ordinary fighter, at least in my view, and one with serious issues over the years both motivating himself and passing drug tests. Do you let Team Haymon and Co. take their chances on what could be the other side of the hill for Chavez, who may have peaked overall at this point, both in the ring and in terms of popularity?

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