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Floyd Mayweather plans trip to Europe in June, anything to do with Amir Khan?

Floyd Mayweather has announced that he will be travelling to Europe in June. Could it be to help build toward a fight with Amir Khan?

Kevork Djansezian

Is Floyd Mayweather planning on building to an event with Amir Khan after all, or is he merely taking a trip because he wants to see the Stonehenge?

Two days ago, Floyd Mayweather declared via his Twitter account that he plans to make a trip to "Europe and the UK in June". That was it, there was no other statements or VISIT THE MONEY TEAM WEBSITE FOR DETAILS. It was a simple, Dwight Schrute-esque statement of fact.

So is there anything we should read into this? It's no secret that Mayweather is atempting to fight twice a year now in order to maximize his earnings from his unprecedented contract with Showtime which has guaranteed him at least $32 million dollars for each fight thus far. That means there will be another pay-per-view event in September.

Obviously, if he plans to return in September, there is little time to waste between then and May. Only four months separate the dates, leaving scarce time to do much else than promote his next event. Which, therefore, gives some credence to the idea that it could be a trip to help promote a future fight with Khan, a man who has been on Mayweather's heels for years now.

But there are two things that could derail any immediate plans for a Khan fight. The first is that Khan could very well easily lose to Luis Collazo in two weeks. The second is that Khan, a Muslim, celebrates Ramadan during September.

Of course, it may be nothing other than a vacation across parts of Europe to see fans and take in some scenery. Phil D. Jay of World Boxing News writes, "(Mayweather) has always professed his love for the UK fans and now wants to repay them by making some personal appearances in Britain and elsewhere across the continent. More details are set to be outlined soon by Mayweather and his team, although specialist training days and meet and greets with fans could be on the agenda for the June trip, so that his followers across Europe can see him in action up close and personal."

Whatever the reason, it's never a bad idea to branch out as much as possible, and even without a Khan fight, attempting to spread one's fanbase is always a wise move.

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