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Ricky Burns open to rematch with Terence Crawford in America

Ricky Burns would like another crack at Terence Crawford.

Mark Runnacles

Anyone who saw the first bout between Terence Crawford and Ricky Burns knows that it was not the type of fight that screams rematch. After some tight early rounds, the fight swung entirely to Crawford's favor, becoming an exhibition by the time the final bell sounded. There was virtually no evidence that another matchup between the two would yield a different result.

Nevertheless, boxers tend to be a stubborn group, and Burns said on Sky Sports that he would like another chance at Crawford, even in America if he must travel. "I'd love to get a rematch against Crawford. I'd be more than happy to go to America, if that's what he wanted."

Burns recently made a switch in trainers, hiring Tony Sims after moving from Billy Nelson. Perhaps he is trying to shake things up after looking sub-par in his last few fights. In fact, the man Crawford is likely facing next, because Bob Arum said he would, is Raymundo Beltran. Beltran was robbed against Burns last year, and through poetic justice will be getting a shot at Crawford.

I have zero interest in a rematch between Crawford and Burns. Crawford proved that he was the superior boxer in every way in March. Another fight between the two would remind me of when Chad Dawson was contractually obligated to have a second bout with Antonio Tarver after thoroughly demonstrating he was better during their first fight.

Does anybody think Burns could do any better against Crawford?

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