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Mike Tyson threw out the 1st pitch for the Pittsburgh Pirates Thursday night

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Mike Tyson threw out the ceremonial first pitch for the Pittsburgh Pirates on Thursday night.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Rocking a sinister movie-villain mustache, Mike Tyson threw the ceremonial first pitch for the Pittsburgh Pirates baseball team on Thursday night. Then, for the sake of celebrating a time in Tyson's life when he was biting people's ears and attempting to break a man's arm in a clinch (remember that Frans Botha fiasco?), he even took a picture of himself pretending to bite a player's ear. Good times.

But in all seriousness, "Iron" MIke appeared to be enjoying himself from the pictures. Here's an SB Nation link with a GIF showing him bringing the heat and the picture of him pretending to bite Tony Sanchez.

Tyson is gradually, if he's not already there, becoming a bit of a folk hero. Like most of our retired athletes, he will prosper from nostalgia. Most people won't think of him being a convicted rapist or biting a man's ear or any other domestic incidents he has had. No, they will think of vicious knockouts and a guy who showed up in the '80's to destroy one of the worst eras of heavyweights in boxing history. Tyson always gets a loud ovation when they show him on the big screen at fights and that's how it will always be until the end of time. Just or not, he has become a legend to a generation of sports fans.

Tyson is in Pennsylvania to promote his ShoBox triple-header that airs tonight.