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Adrien Broner says he'd fight Manny Pacquiao at any weight

Adrien Broner is willing to fight Manny Pacquiao at any weight. It's a neat discussion, if nothing else.

Adrien Broner says he's willing to fight Manny Pacquiao at any weight, a fairly empty claim given the fact that Broner is with Al Haymon and Golden Boy while Pacquiao is with Top Rank, but a fun comment nonetheless.

Broner was asked about his thoughts on Pacquiao's win over Timothy Bradley on April 12, and complimented both fighters.

"Good fight. I want to give a shout-out to Timothy Bradley," he said. "I think he's underrated as a boxer. He's done some great things for the sport. He's a great guy, he's got a great spirit. I don't think he gets all of the credit that he's supposed to," Broner said.

Broner added, "And I want to give a shout-out to Pacquiao. And who knows? Shit, I ain't scared to fight that motherfucker. Shit, tell him to come on. I'll fight him. I don't care where we fight if I fight Pacquiao. Shit, we can fight at 115 if I can make it."

If Broner and Pacquiao fought at 147 (since that's where they would fight in this fantasy), who would you pick? Manny Pacquiao or the guy who edged past Paulie Malignaggi and lost to Marcos Maidana?

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