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Froch vs Groves II: George Groves feels he's got mental advantage for rematch

George Groves feels he's mentally got Carl Froch on the ropes heading into their May 31 rematch at Wembley Stadium.

Laurence Griffiths

Carl Froch recently admitted that George Groves got into his head before their November 23 meeting last year, a controversial stoppage win for Froch, and Groves feels he's done it again ahead of this fight. He told talkSPORT that Froch is "can't look him in the eye" in the pre-fight media meetings.

"Every fight you do a face-to-face. It's for the cameras and it doesn't need much. The fact is that the man can't look me in the eye, he can't engage. The first time round for the first fight he gave me an earful when we did the face-to-face, this time round he can't even look at me. I think that's fascinating.

"He's gone into his shell. This time around he doesn't want to engage at all but unfortunately for him it's pay-per-view so he's contractually obliged to show up at press conferences and be in contact with me in the build up to this fight.

"He doesn't want any part of that. But he should want that, he should try and get as comfortable around me as possible because come fight night he can get in the ring with all his brothers and cousins and trainers and entourage like he did last time but they all get out the ring before the first bell.

"He looked like a little lost lamb standing in the corner last time when the first bell went and he was lost from that point onwards. This time around I hope he's got a bit more about him and actually shows up for the fight."

Groves (19-1, 15 KO) started hot against Froch (32-2, 23 KO) in November, knocking the IBF and WBA super middleweight titlist down hard in the opening round, but Froch did work his way back into the fight and had Groves in some trouble when the early stoppage came in round seven.

Froch also recently said that he'd be working with a top sports psychologist going into the rematch, in the hope of avoiding another mental lapse like he feels he suffered last year. That as much as anything could be the reason that Groves feels Froch won't engage him -- Froch could be purposely not doing so, or it could all just be talk to get under Carl's skin, too.

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