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Hopkins vs Shumenov results: Post-fight quotes following Hopkins' decision win

Here's what the fighters told Showtime's Jim Gray after last night's main event.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports


(On the split decision) "Listen, when you get into all that about the judges and all that stuff, they go to school. They have commissions to regulate all that. I don't like to get into all of that. It's not my job to deal with that. It's my job to get ready and to unify the championship before 50."

(On his legacy) "I describe my legacy like a Joe Frazier. We get knocked down but we get back up. I'll let the historians analyze and debate over the years as I grow a deeper gray beard watching soap operas. I'll let them break down my legacy."

(On the future) "We are with Showtime until I end my career. Stevenson, I am coming to Canada. I am getting my papers together. I want to be the undisputed light heavyweight world champion this year, period."


(On the scores) "To be honest, I wasn't thinking about the scorecard. I tried hard. Bernard, he was the better man tonight. I chose the wrong strategy and used the wrong style. I am angry that I couldn't get the victory. I am a true warrior and I want to fight only the best. Tonight, obviously it wasn't my fight."

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