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John Molina confident that size will help, not hurt against Lucas Matthysse

John Molina is the big underdog against Lucas Matthysse, but the California scrapper believes he's got a good shot in his move up to 140 pounds.

Ezra Shaw

John Molina is coming up from 135 pounds to face junior welterweight contender Lucas Matthysse this Saturday on Showtime, but Molina says that size will actually be in his favor for the bout, noting that he's got a good amount of height and reach on the Argentinean slugger.

"What I believe the fans are missing is that they tend to think Lucas is the bigger guy. Physically I'm 5'10 and a half with a 73 inch reach, Lucas Matthysse is 5'6 and a half with a 69 inch reach. Physically he won't be the bigger man that night." ... Despite what the critics say, he believes Lucas Matthysse expects a close fight and that fans would be "getting their money's worth on April 26th."

Molina (27-3, 22 KO) is known as a strong puncher, a good action fighter, and a guy who has a flair for the dramatic, which he's shown with rally TKO upsets of both Hank Lundy and Mickey Bey. In 2010, he was down huge to Lundy when he stopped him in the 11th round, with scores of 91-98, 91-98, and 92-97 at the time of stoppage. Last year, Bey was leading 81-90, 82-89, and 83-88 when Molina scored the stunning upset with just 59 seconds remaining in the fight.

What may be hard, however, for many skeptics to look past is Molina's 2012 loss to Antonio DeMarco, who rushed out of the corner and stopped Molina in just 44 seconds. Anyone can get caught cold like that, but once wonders what might happen if Matthysse immediately pours on the pressure and comes out firing with power shots. But then, that's why they fight the fights. Molina always comes to fight and always comes to win, and he's tough to count out until the fight is actually over.

Can he give Matthysse a real challenge, or are you expecting a return to Matthysse's role of demolisher?

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