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Floyd Mayweather: Pacquiao and Bradley weren't impressive in rematch

Floyd Mayweather wasn't "pleased" with Manny Pacquaio's April 12 performance, and thought both he and Pacquiao and Timothy Bradley fought like amateurs.

Ethan Miller

Floyd Mayweather said that he did watch the April 12 fight between Manny Pacquiao and Timothy Bradley -- claiming it was the first Pacquiao fight he'd watched since his 2009 win over Miguel Cotto -- but wasn't impressed by either man, though he did congratulate Pacquiao for being the better of two guys who weren't good.

"I think that Bradley went out there and fought his heart out, but I think that he was throwing a lot of shots like an amateur. ... I think that both of fighters fought like amateurs. I think that Pacquiao fought like an amateur, also, and I wasn't pleased with his performance. He got the victory the best way he knows how, but I wasn't pleased with his performance."

Mayweather added that he feels Timothy Bradley needs to worry less about his body and more about his boxing:

"They need to make a lot of changes in Bradley, because he's lifting too many weights. I think he's more worried about how he looks on that scale instead of how he fights inside that ring. He made a lot of mistakes, and he was very, very fatigued early on. I think that he was making a lot of mistakes and falling off balance like an amateur."

Mayweather (45-0, 26 KO) also said that he's got no plans to fight Pacquiao, because Manny is a Top Rank fighter, and Mayweather doesn't fight Top Rank fighters, and Top Rank fighters don't fight anyone with Mayweather Promotions or Golden Boy Promotions, unless they're forced to do it by sanctioning bodies, and sanctioning bodies don't really force the likes of Mayweather or Pacquiao to do anything.

Mayweather faces Marcos Maidana on May 3 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas on Showtime pay-per-view.

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