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Lucas Matthysse wants rematch with Danny Garcia, doesn't see anything special in John Molina

Lucas Matthysse believes Danny Garcia may still be hurting from their fight last September, and says he wants a rematch with the 140-pound champ. Matthysse also discusses Saturday's opponent, John Molina.

Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

On what he learned from his loss to Danny Garcia

"We picked up a lot. It was a great experience. I learned to fight with one eye. I learned some good things and some bad things in that fight. It was a great pleasure to be in such a big fight."

"I've seen the fight many times, and I see the same thing. When I had two eyes, I was winning the fight. Up to the sixth round, I see clear dominance. I was winning. Danny wasn't doing much. Obviously the eye injury happened, he picks up his rhythm, he starts pressuring more. I'm now fighting without the same distance and vision. That handicapped me. It definitely turned the fight around in his favor. I truly believe it wouldn't have happened without the injury. A different story would have been written."

On the setback after losing to Garcia

"I was on the fast track. I was doing well. But even with the loss to Danny Garcia, I gave it 100%, I gave it my all. I don't think it really derailed me too much. But this fight is very important. It's very important that I come out and win convincingly. ... This puts me back up where I have to be."

On John Molina

"He's a strong fighter, a fighter that comes to fight. He's gonna come forward. I've seen a couple of videos, some footage on him. He's a confident fighter. He's going to come to bring it."

[Is he impressed with what he's seen?] "No, not really. What I saw in the footage, I see a hungry fighter. He wants glory, like I do. He's a strong fighter, a confident fighter, but nothing out of this world. I've fought better fighters, and I've beaten better fighters."

On Garcia's disputed win over Mauricio Herrera

"To be honest, I didn't see the whole fight. I got a lot of commentary, a lot of people told me about it. From what I saw, he didn't look all that good. I think he might still be hurt from our fight. And yes, I do want the rematch."

On countryman Marcos Maidana's chances on May 3

"Very complicated. He's fighting the number one pound-for-pound fighter in the world in Floyd Mayweather. But, we've got to remember, Chino has two cannons in his hands. I hope he has the opportunity to land his punches and change history."

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