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Keith Thurman discusses Diaz fight, potential for facing Mayweather, and more

Keith Thurman speaks with Marcos Villegas about Julio Diaz, missed opportunities, Floyd Mayweather, and more.

On what he's looking to show on Saturday

"That my power is true, man. That we're gonna get another knockout. But if not, you know, I'm just gonna showcase my skills and my talent, man. I'm gonna show everybody in the world of boxing that this boy can box, man. There's a few articles out there lately, you see people start to shift and start to title me as a boxer-puncher, and I believe that's really where I belong. But it's up to me, man. The fighter fights his fight. If I wanna stand there and bang, I'm gonna stand there and bang. If I wanna move and dance around you, I'm gonna dance around you. I've been boxing for 18 years, man, and I've been working hard to hone my skills and my craft, and I've got a few more tricks and a few more things to show you guys."

On potentially facing Floyd Mayweather, and critics who say he hasn't done enough yet

"At the end of last year, Ring Magazine had me ranked No. 7 in the welterweight division, OK? So, you're number seven, that means you're in the top ten. For those who believe that I haven't done anything to truly deserve it, I can understand where they're coming from. It's not truly my fault, but they're not putting me in the ring with top 10 fighters. How many times did I ask to fight Robert Guerrero, who's still in the top ten with Ring Magazine? Earlier this year, we asked to fight Shawn Porter, and his dad said, 'Not necessary, we can do that later for bigger dollars, more money.' ... Maidana was supposed to be my HBO debut, and he pulled out three weeks ahead of time. There's been a lot of missed opportunities to prove and to truly showcase my skills and talent to the world of boxing as a welterweight.

"The one thing that interests me in Floyd right now is that he is fighting Marcos Maidana, and Marcos Maidana has the (WBA) title, which I'm the mandatory fighter to fight. I don't know the details behind the fight. I know Floyd doesn't really like to hold on to too many belts at once, but I wonder, is that belt on the line? Is the WBA title on the line come May 3rd? If it is, I'm in line for that title. And if Floyd's holding on to it, I'm your mandatory.

"I don't know when I'm gonna get my opportunity. I know the fans would love to see it. I know I'd give him one hell of a fight. We'll see, man. Boxing is a very funny game. We'll see what happens."

On Diaz questioning his power

"Well, you know, a knockout is down for the ten, a TKO is when the ref calls it off. There's been plenty of knockouts where the ref just didn't finish the count. Matter of fact, hey! I'm not a puncher! Keith 'One Time' Thurman can't punch, baby! I can't punch! I got powderpuffs! Please, walk into 'em! I ain't worried about it. He can have all the opinions in the world, man. A lot of people do. But step in the ring and feel it for yourself. Matter of fact, I like to hit 'em soft. I like to hit 'em soft. Then all of a sudden, I hit 'em hard. Diego Chaves said he didn't really feel my power, but he was on the ground, not once but twice. That's why the name is 'One Time.' Because there's gonna be one time in that ring where I sit down, and so do you."

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