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Boxing Results and Analysis for April 6-19 featuring Naoya Inoue, Anthony Yigit, Anthony Crolla, and much more

Anthony Largar runs down all the results from April 6 through 19 in the first installment of what will now be a weekly feature at Bad Left Hook, showcasing some standout fights you may have missed.

Alex Livesey

Weeks of 4/6-4/19

MC = my card OC = official card(s)

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Standout Fights

Naoya Inoue TKO-6 Adrian Hernandez

Inoue entered the ring with just five professional fights, while Hernandez was attempting to make the fifth defense of his WBC 108 pound title. It was clear early on, however, that this would not be an easy night for Hernandez. The slightly taller and considerably longer Inoue controlled the range with his jab and superior speed for the first three rounds, and dominated. Hernandez turned up the pressure in rounds 4 and 5, having some success and even rocking Inoue. Hernandez was having a very effective 6th round as well, but then was caught by a beautiful right hand that put him down. He beat the count easily, but decided he didn't want anymore. A very impressive performance from Inoue, who can now reasonably be called the best 108 pounder in the world.

David Aloua TKO-4 Brad Pitt

A matchup between 'the two best cruiserweights in Australia', according to the announcers, ended violently and very surprisingly. Brad Pitt, aptly nicknamed 'Hollywood', entered 15-0 with 12 KOs, and was a big favorite to defend his title and pick up the two vacant titles on the line. He started very fast, and dominated the first 3 rounds behind a heavy jab and consistent pressure. Aloua's trainer, however, kept telling him to just survive the first 4 rounds and then turn it on. In the end, he didn't even need to survive four full rounds. Because about halfway through the 4th, another round Pitt was winning, Aloua landed a perfect right hand square on Pitt's chin. Pitt went down flat on his face, and somehow managed to get to his feet, but had no legs. The ref let it continue, and all it took was one more brutal combination for Pitt to go down in a heap, almost out cold. This one is worth watching.

Anthony Yigit TD-6 Kasper Bruun

This matchup pitted two unbeaten, and legitimate prospects. Bruun, the underdog, started well in the first round, using his reach advantage. He was outfought in the second, but early in the third caught Yigit with a beautiful lefthook righthook combo, dropping him. From that point on, this was an all out brawl. Yigit was the better fighter immediately after the knockdown, but Bruun had his fair share of moments. Unfortunately, a headbutt in round 6 left Bruun with a terrible cut. The referee let him finish the round, but waved it off after that, where Yigit was announced the winner by technical decision.

Anthony Crolla TKO-10 John Murray

Not really an 'under the radar' fight, but one that was probably overlooked in America. Murray came out strong, probably taking the first 4 rounds on relentless aggression. In the fifth, however, Crolla started to establish his jab and began picking Murray apart. Crolla really took over the fight in the 9th round, battering an exhausted Murray. Murray completely ran out of gas in the 10th and was dropped. He somehow managed to make it to his feet, but was being beaten against the ropes and the fight was stopped just moments later.

Full Rundown of Results (4/6-19)

4/6 Japan
Roman Gonzalez TKO3 Juan Purisima
Naoya Inoue TKO6 Adrian Hernandez - described above
Akira Yaegashi TKO9 Odilon Zaleta - Yaegashi defends his WBC flyweight title

4/6 South Korea
Sa-Ya Lee KO10 Sang-Joon Park

4/8 Thailand
Namphol Sithsaithong TKO2 Nanfah Saksamrong
Kongfah Nakornluang TKO1 Yutthana Sor Ratidech
Srisaket Sor Rungvisai TKO4 Ngaotawan Sithsaithong
Nawaphon Por Chokchai KO3 Michael Landero

4/9 Australia
David Aloua TKO4 Brad Pitt - described above
Joshua Clottey UD12 Anthony Mundine - MC 117-106 Clottey OC 116-108, 115-109, 117-108 Clottey

4/10 New York
Ievgen Khytrov TKO2 Jas Phipps

4/11 Germany
Nuri Seferi UD8 Gusmyr Perdomo - MC 78-74 Seferi (no scores announced)
Christian Hammer UD10 Konstantin Airich - MC 96-94 Hammer (no scores announced)
Igor Mikhalkin UTechD8 Mohamed Belkacem - MC 80-72 Mikhalkin OC 79-73, 80-72, 80-72 Mikhalkin - fight stopped due to cut suffered by Belkacem

4/11 ESPN2
Jesse Hart UD8 Samuel Clarkson - MC 79-71 Hart OC 80-70 Hart x3
Gilberto Ramirez TKO5 Giovanni Lorenzo - I think Ramirez is worth really keeping an eye on, he can fight.
Gary Salazar UD4 Jair Quintero - MC 40-36 Salazar OC 39-37 x2 40-36 Salazar

4/11 Florida
Shannon Briggs TKO1 Maurenzo Smith - first fight for Briggs in 3.5 years

4/11 California
Mercito Gesta TKO8 Edgar Riovalle - first fight for Gesta since 2012

4/11 Argentina
Oscar Fabian Perez SplitDraw6 Cristian Nestor Romero - MC 57-56 Perez OC 57.5-56.5 Romero, 57.5-56 Perez, 57.5-57.5
Ramon de la Cruz Sena TKO10 Ricardo Ruben Villalba
Jonathan Brian Oliva KO1 Paulo Marcelo Milla

4/11 Mexico
Luis Nery TKO3 Antonio Rodriguez
Alan Zavala UD4 Jose Torres - MC 38-38 OC 40-36, 39-37 x2 Torres

4/11 Spain
Aitor Nieto UD10 Daniel Rasilla - MC 98-90 Nieto OC 99-89, 98-90, 99-92 Nieto

4/11 UK
Qasim Niaz PTSW4 Dee Mitchell - MC 40-36 Niaz OC 40-36 Niaz
Kurt Grieve TKO2 Disney Huni
Atif Mushtaq PTSW4 Dan Carr (I missed first two rounds) OC 39-38 Mushtaq
Luke Blackledge PTSW6 Jody Meikle - MC 59-55 Blackledge OC 60-54 Blackledge
Shayne Singleton UD10 Laszlo Fazekas - MC 100-90 Singleton OC 100-91, 100-90 x2 Singleton

4/12 Argentina
Brian Carlos Castano TKO2 Juan Alberto Nicolas Cuellar
Alan Emmanuel Castano TKO1 Walter Dario Lizardo

4/12 Denmark
Igor Pylypenko TKO1 Peter Gram - Pylypenko picks up his first win since 2002 and his first ever stoppage with win over previously undefeated Gram
Andy Lee MD8 Frank Haroche Horta - MC 76-76 OC 76-76, 77-76 x2 Lee
David Price TKO3 Ondrej Pala - Price down in first
Rashid Kassem TKO6 Goga Koshkeshlshvili
Kakhaber Avetisian SD8 Andreas Evensen - MC 78-74 Evensen OC 78-74 Avetisian, 78-74 Evensen, 77-75 Avetisian
Mateusz Masternak UD8 Stjepan Vudgelija (I only saw first round) - OC 80-70, 80-72 x2 Masternak
Abdul Khattab TKOendof4 Chris Jenkinson
Erik Skoglund TKO9 Danilo D'Agata
Torben Keller TKOendof3 Travis Hartman
Anthony Yigit UTechD6 Kasper Bruun - discussed above - MC 57-56 Yigit OC 58-55, 58-56 x2 Yigit

4/12 BoxNation
Eddie Chambers TKO1 Moses Matovu
Lewis Pettitt TKO5 Emerson Santos Carvalho
Simon Barclay PTSW4 Igor Borucha - MC 40-36 Barclay OC 40-36 Barclay
Bradley Skeete TKO7 Tobia Giuseppe Loriga
William Warburton PTSW4 Georgie Kean - MC 38-38 OC 39-38 Warburton
Sergey Khomitsky TKO6 Frank Buglioni
Chris Eubank, Jr. TKO2 Sandor Micsko
Ovill McKenzie KO5 Tony Conquest

4/12 Poland
Adam Koprowski UD4 Kamil Bazelak - MC 40-36 Koprowski OC 40-36, 39-37 x2 Koprowski

4/12 Ukraine
Oleksandr Cherviak UD8 Artem Redko - MC 79-73 Cherviak OC 80-73, 79-73, 78-74 Cherviak
Geard Ajetovic SD8 Vyacheslav Uzelkov - MC 77-75 Ajetovic OC 78-74 Ajetovic, 77-76 Uzelkov, 77-75 Ajetovic
Zaurbek Baysangurov TKO12 Guido Nicolas Pitto - one of the most unfortunate stoppages I've ever seen. Ref waved off the fight with just 2 seconds to go. Baysangurov was well ahead, but Pitto put forth one of the most ridiculous performances I've ever seen to stay on his feet the last minute of the 11th round, and deserved to hear the final bell.

4/12 Germany
Manuel Charr UD10 Kevin Johnson - MC 97-93 Charr OC 98-92, 97-93 x2 Charr

4/12 Mexico
Roberto Manzanarez TKO6 Luis Gonzalez
Roberto Ortiz TKO5 Ramiro Alcaraz - cut

4/12 HBO PPV +
Sean Monaghan TKO5 Joe McCreedy
Esquiva Falcao UD6 Ethan 'Publio' Pena - MC 60-54 Falcao OC 60-53, 60-54 x2 Falcao
Oscar Valdez TKO4 Adrian Perez
Oleksandr Gvozdyk TKO1 Mike Montoya - brutal KO
Bryan Vasquez UD12 Jose Felix, Jr. - MC 114-113 Vasquez OC 117-110, 114-113 x2 Vasquez
Jessie Vargas UD12 Khabib Allakhverdiev - MC 116-112 Allakhverdiev OC 117-111, 115-113 x2 Vargas
Raymundo Beltran UD12 Arash Usmanee - MC 115-113 Beltran OC 118-110, 117-111 x2 Beltran
Manny Pacquiao UD12 Tim Bradley - MC 116-112 Pacquiao OC 118-110, 116-112 x2 Pacquiao

4/14 Fox Sports 1
Jose Arambula UD6 David Diaz - MC 59-54 Arambula OC 60-53, 58-55 x2 Arambula
Julian Ramirez UD8 Carlos Rodriguez - MC 80-72 Ramirez OC 80-72, 79-73, 78-74 Ramirez
Ronny Rios UD10 Andrew Cancio - MC 95-95 OC 96-94, 97-93 x2 Rios

4/18 Russia
Uktamjon Rahmonov TKOendof3 Gegam Mkrtchyan
Felix Amoev UD8 Volodymyr Borovskyy - MC 79-71 Amoev OC 79-71 x3 Amoev
Ruslan Faifer UD6 Ibragim Khalilov - MC 57-57 OC 60-54 x3 Faifer
Aik Shakhnazaryan UD12 Felix Lora - MC 116-110 Shakhnazaryan OC 117-110, 118-108, 119-108 Shakhnazaryan
David Avenesyan UD12 Kaizer Mabuza - MC 116-111 Avenesyan OC 117-110, 118-110, 119-108 Avenesyan

4/18 Fox Sports 1
Travell Mazion TKO1 Antonio Sanchez
Errol Spence, Jr. TKO1 Raymond Charles
Joseph Rodriguez, Jr. UD4 Francisco Arellano - MC 39-37 Rodriguez OC 40-36 x3 Rodriguez
Alan Sanchez TKO6 Jorge Silva

4/18 Showtime
Sammy Vasquez TKO1 Juan Rodriguez, Jr.
Felix Diaz SD8 Emmanuel Lartey - MC 77-75 Diaz OC 77-75 Diaz, 77-75 Lartey, 77-75 Diaz
Rod Salka UD10 Alexei Collado - MC 97-92 Salka OC 96-94, 96-93 x2 Salka

4/18 ESPN2
Nate Heaven TKO1 Donovan Dennis - beautiful KO
Brandon Adams SD8 Raymond Gatica - MC 77-75 Adams OC 78-74 Adams, 77-75 Gatica, 78-74 Adams
Willie Monroe, Jr. UD8 Vitalii Kopylenko - MC 78-74 Monroe OC 78-74, 79-73 x2 Monroe

4/19 Argentina
Lucas Ivan Romero TKO2 Diego Sebastian Attis
Cristian Javier Medina TKO3 Pablo Hernan Curbelo
Javier Francisco Maciel UD10 Cesar Adrian Sastre Silva - MC 96-92 Maciel OC 98-90, 97-91, 96-94 Maciel

4/19 UniMas
Felix Verdejo TKO1 Ivan Zavala
Antonio Ortiz TKO3 Ramon Pena
Gamalier Rodriguez UD10 Orlando Cruz - MC 96-93 Rodriguez OC 96-93, 97-92 x2 Rodriguez

4/19 Minnesota
Shannon Briggs KO1 Francisco Mireles - this lasted 27 seconds, Mireles just went down before he could really get hit with something big

4/19 Sky Sports
Callum Smith TKO3 Francois Bastient
Sam Eggington PTSW6 William Warburton - MC 60-54 Eggington OC 60-54 Eggington
Josh Warrington TKOendof7 Rendall Munroe
Scott Quigg TKO2 Tshifhiwa Munyai
Liam Hanrahan PTSW4 Antonio Horvatic - MC 40-36 Hanrahan OC 40-36 Hanrahan
Anthony Crolla TKO10 John Murray - described above

4/19 Showtime + Showtime Extreme
Marcus Browne UD8 Otis Griffin - MC 79-72 Browne OC 80-71 x3 Browne
Sadam Ali KO1 Michael Clark
Zachary Ochoa TKO5 Hector Marengo
Peter Quillin UD12 Lukas Konecny - MC 116-112 Quillin OC 120-108, 119-109 x2 Quillin
Shawn Porter TKO4 Paulie Malignaggi
Bernard Hopkins SD12 Beibut Shumenov - MC 119-108 Hopkins OC 116-111 Hopkins, 114-113 Shumenov, 116-111 Hopkins

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