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Mayweather vs. Maidana: Mayweather Sr. says Maidana is a tougher fight than Manny Pacquiao

Floyd Mayweather Sr. said some mean things about Manny Pacquiao.

Al Bello

Floyd Mayweather Sr., I bet you'd never guess but he's the father of Floyd Mayweather Jr., has never been a man to hide his opinion of things. No, it doesn't matter if his thoughts might be a little crazy and you can't understand a word he says. Like a good action movie, the plot may not make any rational sense and it kind of falls apart if you make an attempt to give it proper thought, but it's always fun in the moment.

Floyd Jr. has been on record as saying that he watched Manny Pacquiao's win over TImothy Bradley and thought they each fought like amateurs. Now, in an article by Sam Farmer for the LA Times, Floyd Sr. is saying that a fight with Pacquiao would be easier for his son than the fight with Marcos Maidana is going to be.

"Manny and Floyd? That would be the easiest fight Floyd could make," the elder Mayweather said. "This [Maidana] fight right here would be harder than Manny, believe me. Floyd would have whooped [Pacquiao] anyway, but he’d kill him now because Pacquiao just got clipped by Marquez.

"Marquez knocked the … out of Pacquiao. So you think Manny could come back and whip Floyd after that? Come on. Little Floyd beat the hell out of Marquez. Don’t you worry about Manny. Pacquiao ain’t nobody, ain’t never been nobody when it comes to fighting Floyd. Bob Arum can talk all he wants."

I respect Maidana, as I think we all do, but there's no way that I could buy him as a more difficult opponent for Floyd than Pacquiao, primarily because of the speed difference. Not that just about anyone would give Maidana a better chance of defeating Mayweather than Pacquiao, but speed would be the main reason why. But, truthfully, this is just Mayweather Sr. ranting off at Pacquiao because he belittles everything Pacquiao does.

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