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Floyd Mayweather Sr doesn't like Amir Khan, doesn't like Tim Bradley's punches

Floyd Mayweather Sr has thoughts.

On Pacquiao-Bradley II:

"I'm gonna be honest with you, man. The other fight, I was there, I seen it personally. A lot of people said that Pacquiao won the fight, but myself personally, I wasn't looking at it close like that. Sometimes fights get so boring, man... This one was clear as day. Pacquiao beat his ass. It was clear as day. He didn't -- there wasn't nothing close about it. Pacquiao beat his ass."

"Bradley was throwing punches like a girl, man! Big ol' wide, looping punches, man."

On Pacquiao:

"He beat Bradley. Can he beat Floyd? Hell no! No way. Not even close. That's what you want to know, that's what we're going to get to at the end, anyway. So I'm letting you know."

On Amir Khan:

"If for some reason or another -- I don't like Amir Khan. That's why I want my son to beat his ass. I don't like him. I don't like his ass. Just one thing he said, nobody knows but me. You ask me, I just told you. Nobody knows but me. I don't explain myself to nobody. I'm just telling you what it is. When it's time, then y'all will get to know. When it's time for Floyd to fight Amir Khan, then I'll let everybody know what time it is."

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