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Roger Mayweather on Floyd's hardest punching opponents, Maidana's style, more

Roger Mayweather discusses Marcos Maidana (he hasn't seen him) and some other stuff.

Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

On Maidana's style:

"I really never seen Maidana. He had a fight on the other day on TV, but I never seen him. I never seen him at all. But I know what my nephew got to do. And I mean, it's probably a style that he has to adapt to, but that's part of boxing. Part of boxing is you have to adapt to certain styles. Marcos Maidana, I'm sure he don't got something that people haven't seen before. So I figure this, Floyd will adapt to his style, and we go from there."

On not seeing footage of Maidana:

"Generally, when a guy is fighting, I generally examine the tapes of the guys my nephew's fighting. But I haven't seen no tape. I've probably seen him today, but I ain't never seen no tape on Marcos Maidana. I seen -- he beat Broner, right? Yeah, but, I seen Broner a couple fights. I seen Broner fight, uh ... Marquez, I think? This was just a little while ago. I seen him fight on TV. Yeah, Paulie Malignaggi. I seen him fight, but I haven't seen this guy. I haven't seen him at all."

On whether or not camp has changed for Floyd at age 37:

"Not really. Floyd got really old young, because he don't take beatings. He can adapt to what he does, because he don't take beatings. He don't take beatings in the gym. That's why he adapts, he adapts much easier."

On Floyd's hardest punching opponents:

"Cotto ain't the hardest puncher. The hardest puncher Floyd fought was De La Hoya. It ain't no Cotto. De La Hoya punch harder than Cotto. But what happened with De La Hoya? It ain't about how hard you hit. It's about what you know. Remember one thing, it don't make no difference if you're fighting somebody and you can't hit him. Now what do you do? You gotta find a way to win. It ain't like he gonna fight my nephew, my nephew gonna walk right out there and he gonna hit him. That ain't how it's gonna work. Boxing's a thinking man's game. That's what makes great fighters. You try talking about where the greatest fighters come from, the greatest fighters come from where I come from. Ray Robinson, Joe Louis, Aaron Pryor, Buster Douglas, all them dudes come from where I come from. So you have to adapt. You have to adapt to what you're dealing with. That's a part of boxing."

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