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Mayweather vs. Maidana: Maidana's purse block has been lifted

Marcos Maidana has nothing to worry about when it comes to receiving the full check for his battle with Floyd Mayweather this Saturday.

Joe Scarnici

One of Marcos Maidana's former trainers, Guillermo Serra, made a recent claim that he had Maidana under a managerial contract until 2016. Therefore, Serra claimed, a percentage of Maidana earnings should be paid to him. This was news to Maidana and his camp, serving as an unwanted distraction leading into the biggest fight of his career. To make matters worse, Santa Fe judge Claudio Bermudez ordered Maidana's purse for the fight to be withheld pending further investigation. However, it appears the case is being put to rest.

According to World Boxing News, the individuals who wanted Maidana's purse held are quitting their fight. Maidana's manager Sebastian Contursi explained:

"With that order from the Argentinean judge, these people (making the claims) had to go through Argentina's Foreign Affairs Ministry as any international request from a judge needs to go the diplomatic way. Then ultimately, it should be an American judge (in this case) who should review that original order before deciding whether or not execute withholding the purse in Las Vegas.

"It seems that the people who requested Maidana's purse to be withheld have changed their minds for now after learning what legal processes they must go through, so I guess we have not been officially notified of any international order to keep the purse.

"Our lawyers in Argentina will counter these claims anyway, because these people have generated damage to Maidana with false accusations, but the good thing is they were not able to direct Marcos at all as we knew all along that they were trying to do something that was simply wrong."

Maidana is set to make millions against Floyd Mayweather in a few days, making the timing of this dispute seem, uh, very coincidental. But now that it's been taken care of, Maidana won't have the distraction of losing a chunk of his biggest payday in a court battle.

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