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Mayweather vs. Maidana: Maidana countrymen Sergio Martinez and Lucas Matthysse pay compliments

Marcos Maidana feels he will fight for Hispanics all over the world this Saturday night.

Ronald Martinez

Marcos Maidana wants us to know that he will be fighting not only for his own country of Argentina, but for the Hispanic people all over the world when he steps in the ring with Floyd Mayweather Jr. this Saturday night in Las Vegas, Nevada. His fellow Argentinians Sergio Martinez and Lucas Matthysse are also in support, claiming that he can win because of his heavy hands.

Here's what they had to say, via press release.


"I know I not only carry the weight of my Argentine people into the ring with me but also the pride and glory of Hispanics around the world. It would mean everything to me to be able to do something that no one has done in this sport before. I know it will bring great pride to Argentina."


"Maidana has every possible chance of winning. He has two bricks in his hands and he's shown that fact on several occasions."


"Marcos has the power to hurt Mayweather. We saw that in the Broner fight. If he connects with the right shot and has a chance to connect with more shots, he will be able to beat Mayweather."

The last time Mayweather fought a man from Argentina it was Carlos Baldomir in 2006. That was a shutout decision win for "Money", his last fight before he became a major star with the Oscar de la Hoya pay-per-view build-up. Maidana is on the lower half of the welterweight top ten (IMO), but he is better than Baldomir who just came forward and that was about it. His reputation was built almost entirely on beating the front-runner of front-runners, Zab Judah. I don't figure Maidana to win, but he'll do more than Baldomir did.

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