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Pacquiao vs Bradley II: Manny Pacquiao media day interview

Manny Pacquiao spoke with Marcos Villegas at his media day ahead of his April 12 rematch with Timothy Bradley.

Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

On whether media days are tedious or not

"It's OK. I'm having fun with the media and, you know, this is a part of this fight. I understand that. I'm enjoying it."

On how training camp has gone

"This training camp we've trained hard, and we did a lot of things that we didn't usually do. Especially Justin (Fortune) is back, so we did a lot of things we don't usually do. I'm happy with this training camp."

On Bradley's sock story

"Well...I have to prove it again in the ring on the 12th. ... I have no comment, but, I have to prove it again on Saturday, April 12."

On whether or not he gets nervous before fights

"I'm excited. I'm excited because God is behind me."

On what motivates him to keep fighting

"My family and the Filipino people. Of course I have to prove that I can still fight."

On whether or not he's declining

"I've already proved in the last fight with Rios, and this time around I have to confirm it, to prove it again."

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