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Frampton vs Cazares results: Carl Frampton scores second round KO in WBC eliminator

Carl Frampton's march toward Leo Santa Cruz rolls on, as he knocked out Hugo Cazares in round two today in Belfast.

Scott Heavey

In front of a rowdy Belfast crowd, Carl Frampton earned his shot at the WBC super bantamweight title with a second round knockout win over Mexico's Hugo Cazares, leveling the veteran with a left hook that put him down, where he was counted out.

There was some "controversy" about the count, but only, as best I could tell, in the fact that Cazares stayed kneeling and smiling at Frampton while the referee counted him out. From what I could tell watching on TV, referee Victor Loughlin was being perfectly clear, counting with his voice and his fingers, so even a translation issue can't be cited. It was either Cazares deciding not to continue, then protesting when he was counted out, or Cazares simply having a mental lapse. Either way, it didn't seem to be on the referee.

Frampton (18-0, 13 KO) now moves forward, and appears headed for a fall showdown with Leo Santa Cruz, which could be a truly great fight. He's expressed a desire to have a tune-up before then, perhaps in June, and he certainly stayed fresh and fit with today's fight, ending things early and taking no punishment.

Cazares falls to 40-8-2 (27 KO).

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