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Stevenson vs Fonfara: Sam Colonna, Fonfara's trainer, discusses May 24 fight and underdog role

Sam Colonna believes that his fighter Andrzej Fonfara is being underestimated going into his May 24 shot against Adonis Stevenson.

On why they wanted to fight Stevenson:

"Adonis Stevenson is rated the toughest light heavyweight out there, the most dangerous, the hardest hitter. That's what he says, and that's good that he says that. We picked him to fight for the title. We wanted him. To be the best, you gotta beat the best. I think it's gonna be a hell of a fight. Fonfara's mentally getting ready for this fight. That's all he's been talking about, is this fight."

On Fonfara's power and experience against southpaws:

"Fonfara's been fighting southpaws, so it's not new to him to fight a southpaw. This guy's moving up, just like Fonfara did. Once Fonfara moved up in weight class, he's been knocking guys out. Fonfara's fought some quality guys, I believe, and he's been beating them. We've been working on certain things, working on his defense, a little more movement. But the power that he has, people are underestimating him."

On the power of both fighters and game planning for the fight:

"At that level, the power that both guys deliver is very dangerous. This fight here, we've been working on certain things, and we've been working on cutting the ring off. We know Adonis Stevenson has got very good legs, very good movement. We're getting prepared for this."

On bringing in Gabriel Campillo for training camp:

"First of all, Campillo has fought Stevenson. We're gonna pick his head a little bit and see what he says about him. Fonfara fought Campillo, and it was a hell of a fight. A very hard fight. That's what we want. We want that speed, we want that movement. That's what Campillo's going to bring to the sparring."


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