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Mundine vs Clottey: Joshua Clottey targeting world title fight next

Joshua Clottey is looking to get his name back into the boxing headlines with a win this week against Anthony Mundine, which could also return him to the world title mix.

Joshua Clottey has been seen just twice since his infamously dull fight with Manny Pacquiao in 2010, and saying he's been seen is really overstating the two fights he's had since then. On Wednesday, he gets his biggest bout in four years, traveling to Australia to face Anthony Mundine in a junior middleweight bout.

Clottey (37-4, 22 KO) says that after he gets done with the outspoken and controversial Mundine, he'll be looking for a world title opportunity:

"Australia is such a beautiful place full of welcoming people, I hope I'm still welcome after I crush their champion. Mundine is fighting a prime beast, not a washed up guy like Mosley. I will crack him. I have no respect for anybody's power. I have never been hurt in the boxing ring, ever. On April 9, I will meet Anthony Mundine in the ring. On April 10 I will be asking my promoter to arrange a world title fight for me."

The 36-year-old Clottey probably isn't a "prime beast" anymore, but he's not taken a ton of punishment in his career, his body should be fresh, and he's certainly a better fit at 154 than the dilapidated Mosley was last year when Mundine stopped Sugar Shane on a back injury after pretty handily dealing with him for six rounds.

What do you expect from the Mundine-Clottey fight?

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