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Froch vs. Groves: Froch says he is training like a challenger, not a champion

Carl Froch claims to have a different approach to his rematch with George Groves.

Jan Kruger

Did Carl Froch simply take George Groves lightly the first time they met? It's certainly possible, and it's exactly what Froch claims happened the first time they fought to a controversial ending only a few months ago.

In an interview with the Nottingham Post, Froch states that he is in a different mindset now from where he was when their first fight took place. Claiming that he took the first bout lightly, Froch says that his fire is back and feels like he did before his dominant win over Lucian Bute.

"I am in a very, very good place," he said. "I've not felt like this since the Lucian Bute fight and the difference for this fight compared to the first is that I am training as a challenger not as a champion.

"There is motivation now and there's a fire and a buzz about me which just wasn't there when I fought George the first time. Everybody told me it was a mismatch and regardless of whether George thought the fight was stopped early, I still won. But there will be no dispute this time. The training for this fight has been intense and my body is hurting, but it will be worth it.

"George fell apart in the two rounds I came back at him on what was my worst possible night. He will fall apart again I am telling you now, but this time I won't make the same mistakes as I did before. I know and he knows that he doesn't have the capability to tough it out with me."

"This is not about money and it never has been. For me, this is about my legacy and fighting on the biggest stage possible. What will unfold on May 31 will make history and in years to come the only thing people will remember is the winner not how much money was made.

"It's going to be one of those occasions that we will probably never see again for years if at all again – I can't wait."

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