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Frame-by-Frame Fights: Floyd Mayweather, All-Terrain Fighter

Bad Left Hook's striking specialist Connor Ruebusch analyzes the tricks and tools that Floyd Mayweather Jr. uses to fight so well at every range.

This weekend Floyd Mayweather Jr. faces Marcos Maidana. It's a good matchup, but there aren't many who think that Maidana stands a chance.

It's not surprising. Mayweather is one of the greatest boxers of all time. At 37, he is still dominating opponents, not merely with superhuman speed and reflexes (which he does possess), but with skill and craft. Mayweather is a thinking fighter, and he knows how to take the fight wherever he needs it to go.

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In today's edition of Frame-by-Frame Fights, I break down the various ranges at which Mayweather fights, and the different tools, tricks, and traps that make him so successful at each. Long range, mid range, short range--it doesn't matter. Floyd Mayweather is the very definition of an "all-terrain fighter," and this is how he does it.

If you have trouble with the embedded player, please feel free to watch this video on Youtube, and while you're there subscribe to MMANation.

For more analysis, as well as fighter and trainer interviews, check out Heavy Hands, the only podcast dedicated to the finer points of face punching. Coming tomorrow (a bit late), Connor talks to Bloody Elbow's Pat Wyman, martial artist and professional fight scout, about recent matchups and the science of analyzing fights.

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