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Julio Cesar Chavez Jr and Top Rank still at odds

Julio Cesar Chavez Jr and Top Rank are no closer to a deal to for a fight with Gennady Golovkin or a contract extension, according to Chavez's manager. Are the sides parting?

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

Top Rank and fighter Julio Cesar Chavez Jr still have not come to an agreement for a much-discussed fight with Gennady Golovkin, and now Chavez's manager Billy Keane is taking the promotional giant to task for their negotiations for that fight, which Keane says have always included an extension that Chavez was not agreeable to signing.

From Yahoo! Sports:

"Julio just wants to be treated fairly and like I've always told them, we will sit down immediately after the fight and see if we can come to a deal," Keane said. "But what he will not do is negotiate with a gun to his head under duress. You know what? When you offer a guy $7 million and then you call back five minutes later, screaming, and say the offer is now $2 million, that's a gun to his head."

Bob Arum was working with Keane and Chavez's team initially, but drafted in Todd duBoef, feeling he'd reached an impasse with Keane. duBoef is now upset that Keane is making the issues public, after suggesting the two sides take a break.

Keane says that the biggest offer Top Rank has made was $7 million to fight Golovkin, which included a one-fight extension at $10 million if Chavez won, and $5 million if he lost. Once that was turned down, Arum offered $2 million for the fight with no extension, according to Keane.

Do you think we're seeing Chavez and Top Rank part ways here? Chavez has just the one fight left on his deal, and there have been reports that he's been talking with Al Haymon, who does not work with Top Rank at all.

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