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Former WWE announcer Jim Ross to call FOX Sports 1 boxing on May 26

Jim Ross will join the FOX Sports 1 boxing commentary team on May 26. How will the WWE Hall of Famer do in a new venture?

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Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Jim Ross has always had a flair for the dramatic, regarded by many as the best commentator in professional wrestling history. What some may not know is that Ross has worked plenty of legitimate sports, as well, and he wasn't always the cowboy hat-wearing, screaming Good Ol' JR of his greatest fame, even in the pro wrestling world, where he started as a more subtle disciple of the Gordon Solie style.

Ross will try his hand at boxing on May 26, when he calls the fights from El Paso on FOX Sports 1. The main event that night will be a featherweight fight between Nicaragua's Rene Alvarado (20-2, 14 KO) and Houston veteran and former contender Rocky Juarez (29-10-1, 21 KO), who ended a seven-fight winless streak with a knockout of Antonio Escalante on October 27, 2012, and hasn't fought since.

How will Ross fare in the boxing world? I have no idea. Though I'm intimately familiar with Jim Ross' style, both the yelling "MY GAWD!" style and the more reserved style, which is when I thought he was far better, because I am a rasslin hipster, I also don't know what he'll bring to the table calling lower-mid-tier boxing on FOX Sports 1. I've never heard him call boxing.

I will say that Bill Simmons loves Jim Ross, and Bill Simmons loves Gus Johnson, and Gus Johnson was the worst boxing commentator in the history of time. So if Bill Simmons approval is any indication, then


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