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Timothy Bradley: Marquez vs Alvarado will be a brawl

Timothy Bradley gives his thoughts on tomorrow night's HBO World Championship Boxing fight.

Former WBO welterweight titlist Timothy Bradley spoke with HBO about tomorrow night's fight between Juan Manuel Marquez and Mike Alvarado, predicting a brawl, and suggesting that Alvarado should take the initiative and go forward in the fight:

"It's gonna be a brawl. Mike, he loves fights. Marquez never shies away from a fight. Never. I think it's gonna be a brawl. I think they're gonna start off boxing a little bit, but I think towards the middle of the fight, I think it's gonna start picking up.

"Mike has had a lot of success when he goes forward. When he goes forward and he's the bull, and he's coming, and he's applying pressure, he's unbelievable.

"Marquez said he's not gonna get outhustled. When I fought him, I outhustled him. I threw more shots than him, I landed more than he did. He was very effective with his punches, but I threw more, I outlanded him. So he said he's not going to let that happen again, he's gonna come get it. He's going to take to the fight to Mike. Both fighters want to win."

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