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Mayweather vs Maidana video of glove argument the night before the fight

The issue remains unresolved as of now, as Floyd Mayweather and Marcos Maidana's camps still have not come to a decision on the glove controversy that is reportedly threatening their fight.

Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

If you missed it earlier somehow, there is controversy in Las Vegas, as Floyd Mayweather is threatening to pull out of tomorrow's fight with Marcos Maidana due to an issue with Maidana's gloves. You can see the argument in the video above, via FightHype.

Here's what Mayweather had to say about the gloves:

"All I wanna do is just do good business. If a motherfucker can beat me, he gotta earn it the hard way. No motherfucker need to be cutting no corners trying to cheat, because I ain't never tried to cheat to beat nobody. ... I wanna treat him fair, because we are the A-side. We wanna treat him fair. I believe everybody should be treated fair. But one thing we're not gonna do, we're not gonna put up with no slick bullshit. And we're not gonna pull no bullshit on them."

"... I can tell you right now. I can tell you right now. I can tell you right now. I can tell you right now. Fuck no. Look, you can feel my knuckle right here. Ain't no fucking padding in the fucking glove! Look, you can tell! You can tell! This motherfucker is already, like, broken in! Look at this shit!"

Mayweather, Leonard Ellerbe, and Floyd Mayweather Sr go back-and-forth with Maidana's trainer Robert Garcia for a bit until everyone but the representatives and fighters are asked to leave.

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