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Mayor Rob Ford challenged to charity boxing match by strip club owner

Let's hope that Toronto mayor Rob Ford's latest rehab stint does the trick, as it looks like the controversial politician might have to pass a commission drug test when he gets back in June.

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Rob Ford has given the world a lot of very entertaining news items since becoming mayor of Toronto back in 2010, but there's nothing more entertaining than some good ol' fisticuffs. Lucky for us, that might be just what he's in for.

The Toronto Sun reports that co-owner of the El Mocambo and owner of the Cadillac Lounge (the former a bar, the latter a strip club) Sam Grosso thinks that somebody needs to teach Ford a lesson on proper mayoral behavior, and reckons that he's the man for the job. Grosso called Ford "a big bully" after the mayor was recorded making some controversial remarks in a bar.

Amidst the homophobic slurs and crass sexual language, it was Ford's tirades against people of Italian heritage that got Grosso's blood boiling.

"That put me over the edge," Grosso said. "This guy is just, he’s just crazy, right? He’s dissing the gays and lesbians and the Italians. I’m like this guy just needs to get a good licking and who better to do it than me.”

Chances of this bout becoming a reality are slim to none, but if there's any politician who might be tempted to actually participate in such a farce, it's probably Rob Ford. Grosso does plan to host the event for charity, as all proceeds of the big fight would go to a local fund for juvenile diabetes.

Obviously this would be the fight of the century were it to end up happening, but the big question remains: can Rob Ford pass an athletic commission banned substances test? Only time will tell: Ford plans to return to office from rehab for alcoholism in June.

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