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Lance Stephenson vs Adrien Broner: What's the better flop?

Lance Stephenson made headlines for his hilarious flop last night against the Miami Heat, but how did it compare to Adrien Broner's incredible acting job last December?

Andy Lyons
Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Last December, during Adrien Broner's first professional boxing loss to Marcos Maidana, the fighter was hit with a headbutt and a quick punch that didn't seem to cause much damage. Much to the amusement of viewers worldwide, Broner then flopped quite hilariously for all the world to see.

Watching my Indiana Pacers last night in their 87-83 loss to the Miami Heat, I got to see one of my favorite players, crazy ol' Lance Stephenson, throw his hat in the ring for best flop in recent sports history, as he was fouled so hard that he fell over and then decided to take a nap, Likar Ramos-style.

Let's check out both of these Tom Hanks-level performances.



So what's the more incredible flop? Who is the greatest flopper? Does Stephenson falling asleep put him over the top, or does the fact that Broner went from clearly alright and standing to stumbling over onto the canvas give him the edge?

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