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Boxing Results Roundup (5/4 to 5/17): Marquez-Alvarado, Rees-Buckland, Dickinson-Clarkson, more

Anthony Largar catches you up on some fights you may have missed, including some standouts that have flown under the radar for the past two weeks.

Dan Mullan

Weeks of 5/4-5/10 and 5/11-5/17

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Yes, I watched all these fights, so feel free to comment on or ask about any of them.

Standout fights

Travis Dickinson TKO6 Matty Clarkson

First off, go watch this fight. Second off, if you thought the Froch-Groves stoppage was bad, wait until you see this one. If it weren't for the stoppage, this would easily be my fight of the year so far. Six total knockdowns through five completed rounds, four for one guy and two for the other usually means it's a pretty good fight.

Clarkson's cheek starting swelling in the second round, and by the end he looked like a baseball player with an enormous wad of gum and tobacco in his mouth. I really wish we got to see how this fight would have played out, because it was incredible while it lasted. Momentum shifted so much that you never knew who would score the next knockdown. Hopefully we'll get to see a rematch of this one once the MaxiNutrition Tournament ends. For now, Dickinson improves to 17-1, 7 KO and Clarkson falls to 12-2-2, 3 KO.

Gavin Rees SD12 Gary Buckland

Their first fight was one of the best fights of the year so far. This one may not have been quite as good, but this time they got the decision right. Through eight rounds this one was dead even. It was Buckland's constant pressure against Rees's boxing skills and flashier combinations.

But in the ninth, Rees, who announced his retire prior to the fight, turned it on. These were going to be the last four rounds of his career, and he was going to go out on a high note. And that he did. Rees dominated the last four rounds, stunning Buckland multiple times. Somehow, there was still drama during the decision, as one judge managed to see the fight for Buckland. But luckily the other two got it right, and the very likable Rees got his very last victory. The former 140 lb. WBA champ retires with a record of 38-4-1, 18 KO, while Buckland drops to 28-4, 9 KO.

Edwin Solis TKO6 Yuri Trogiyanov

Former world champion kickboxer Trogiyanov made his debut against late notice opponent Solis, and it didn't go quite as was planned. Solis came in with a record of 5-2-3, but it is a very misleading one. In his last fight, he was robbed in a draw against undefeated prospect Gabino Saenz. He also owns a draw with a good fighter in Gabriel Tolmajyan, and a draw with another undefeated prospect.

His two losses were close decisions to undefeated prospects. So the choice of opponent, as well as the fight being scheduled for six rather than four rounds, show that expectations were quite high for Trogiyanov. But Solis was just too good. After a solid opening minute for Yuri, Solis battered him around the ring for the remainder of the round. Not much changed throughout the rest of the fight. To Trogiyanov's credit, he hung tough the whole way, and even managed to hurt Solis a few times, but other than those few brief moments, it never looked like he had a chance to win. Solis won almost every exchange, and had Trogiyanov staggered on multiple occasions.

Finally, about a minute into the final round, Solis landed a flush three punch combo that had Trogiyanov staggering face first towards the ropes. Referee Jerry Cantu jumped in, and to Trogiyanov's credit once again, he protested the stoppage immediately, but it was the right call. Solis picks up a solid win and improves to 6-2-3, 4 KO, while Trogiyanov falls to 0-1.

5/8 Thailand
Ratchasak Kokietgym UD6 Anis Ceunfin - MC 60-54 - no scores announced
Petchchorchae Kokietgym TKO4 Madit Sada
Paipharob Kokietgym TKO4 Jay-ar Estremos

5/9 Argentina
Mauro Maximiliano Godoy TKO5 Federico Jesus Benjamin Malaspina
Gino Nataliano Godoy UD4 Maximiliano Gabriel Zuniga - MC 40-36 Godoy OC 40-37.5, 40-37, 40-36.5 Godoy

5/10 Channel 5 - UK
Kid Galahad TKOendof4 Fred Mundraby
Hughie Fury PTSW8 Danny Hughes - MC 79-73 Fury OC 79-74 Fury

5/10 BoxNation - UK
Tommy Langford TechPTSW5 Alistair Warren - MC 48-47 Langford OC 50-46 Langford - fight stopped due to Warren cut caused by headbutt
Joe Costello TKO1 Youseff Al Hamidi
Terry Flanagan TKO2 Yordan Vasilev
Jack Catterall PTSW8 Krzysztof Szot - MC 80-72 Catterall OC 80-72 Catterall
Thomas Stalker PTSW8 Ryan Hardy - MC 78-74 Stalker OC 80-73 Stalker
Ciaran McVarnock PTSW4 Harvey Hemsley - MC 39-37 McVarnock OC 40-37 McVarnock
Chris Eubank, Jr. TKO7 Robert Swierzbinski
Derry Mathews SD12 Martin Gethin - MC 116-112 Mathews OC 116-112 Gethin, 117-113 & 115-114 Mathews - This decision was messed up badly by the ring announcer, but these seemed to be the scores based on what I heard. Most articles are reporting the 116-112 score to Mathews and the 115-114 to Gethin. Boxrec has cards of 117-113 and 116-114 to Mathews and 116-112 to Gethin listed.

5/10 ESPN
Amir Imam UD8 Yordenis Ugas - MC 76-76 OC 79-73, 78-74 x2 Imam
Bermane Stiverne TKO6 Chris Arreola

5/10 Philippines
Donnie Nietes TKO9 Moises Fuentes
Milan Melindo MD12 Martin Tecuapetla - MC 115-113 Melindo OC 114-114, 116-112, 115-113 Melindo

5/10 Argentina
Paulo Manuel Ojeda UD4 Leandro Adrian Tacinazzo - MC 40-36 Ojeda OC 39.5-38, 39.5-37.5 x2 Ojeda
Leonardo Marcial Lezcano UD4 Daniel Eduardo Herrera - MC 39-37 Herrera OC 40-36, 39.5-38.5 x2 Lezcano

5/15 Fox Sports 1
Manuel Roman UD6 Jose Silveira - MC 58-55 Roman OC 59-54 x3 Roman
Manuel Avila TKO2 David de la Mora
Elias Espadas UD4 Jamal Harris - MC 39-37 Espada OC 40-36, 39-37 x2 Espadas
Antonio Orozco UD10 Martin Honorio - MC 99-90 Orozco OC 99-90, 100-89 x2 Orozco

5/15 France
Joffrey Jacob UD4 Dominique Bernard - MC 40-36 Jacob OC 40-36 x3 Jacob
Cedric Vitu UD6 Laurent Ferra - MC 58-56 Vitu OC 60-54, 59-53, 58-55 Vitu
Maxime Beaussire UD6 Rafael Chiruta - MC 60-54 Beaussire OC 59-55, 60-54 x2 Beaussire
Mehdi Amar SplitDraw6 Gabriel Lecrosnier - MC 57-57 OC 58-56 Amar, 58-56 Lecrosnier, 57-57
Yvan Mendy TKO2 Sebastien Benito

5/16 Thailand
Kajornsak Sithsaithong TKO2 Back Kistkriengkrai
Chaiyong Sithsaithong TKO1 Chonlatarn Kongnapagym
Suriyan Sor Rungvisai TKOendof7 Fernando Ocon
Kongfah Nakornluang TKO2 Atiwat Chaiyonggym
Non Sithsaithong TKO4 Petchbodin Sakpreecha

5/16 Argentina
Demian Daniel Fernandez UD6 Claudio Alberto Esperante - MC 60-53 Fernandez OC 59.5-54, 60-53, 60-54 Fernandez
Mauricio Ezequiel Biedma UD12 Juan Jose Dias - MC 119-109 Biedma OC 117-111, 118-110 x2 Biedma

5/16 Showtime
Frank Galarza UD8 Sebastien Bouchard - MC 77-74 Galarza OC 78-73, 77-74 x2 Galarza
Joel Diaz, Jr. UD10 Tyler Asselstine - MC 99-90 Diaz, Jr. OC 97-92 x3 Diaz, Jr.

5/16 ESPN2
Derric Rossy MD10 Joe Hanks - MC 97-93 Rossy OC 95-95, 98-92 & 97-93 Rossy
Delvin Rodriguez SplitDraw10 Joachim Alcine - MC 96-94 Rodriguez OC 95-95, 97-93 Rodriguez, 96-94 Alcine

5/17 Argentina
Raul Horacio Centeno TKO5 Diego Herminio Alejandro Sananco
Alan Isaias Luques Castillo KO2 Jesus David Aguirre
Jose Carlos Paz UD10 Carlos Saul Chumbita - MC 99-90 Paz OC 98-91 x3 Paz
Omar Narvaez KO4 Antonio Garcia

5/17 West Virginia
Shannon Briggs TKO1 Matthew Greer

5/17 UniMas
Andy Ruiz, Jr. TKO2 Manuel Quezada
Jose Carlos Ramirez TKO2 Jesus Selig

5/17 Channel 5 UK
Travis Dickinson TKO6 Matty Clarkson - discussed above
Bob Ajisafe TKO5 Leon Senior
Eddie Chambers TKOendof3 Carl Baker

5/17 Sky Sports
Paul Smith TKO2 David Sarabia
Callum Smith TKO2 Tobias Webb
Gavin Rees SD12 Gary Buckland - discussed above - MC 116-112 Rees OC 116-113 Buckland, 117-113 & 117-112 Rees
Nathan Cleverly TKO2 Shawn Corbin
Lee Selby UD12 Romulo Koasicha - MC 117-111 Selby OC 119-110, 119-109 x2 Selby

5/17 TopRankTV & HBO (last two fights HBO)
Cameron Kreal MD4 Manuel Damairias Lopez - MC 39-37 Lopez OC 38-38, 39-37 x2 Kreal
Edwin Solis TKO6 Yuri Trogiyanov - discussed above
Pedro Duran KO1 Dominic Coca
Gabino Saenz KO3 Felix Perez
Raul Hirales TKO3 Ernesto Guerrero
Brad Solomon UD8 Arman Ovsepyan - MC 79-73 Solomon OC 78-74, 79-73 x2 Solomon
Zachary Wohlman UD4 Eddie Cordova - MC 40-36 Wohlman OC 40-36, 39-37 x2 Wohlman
Oscar Valdez TKOendof6 Noel Echevarria
Diego Magdaleno UD8 Oscar Bravo - MC 79-72 Magdaleno OC 79-72, 80-71 x2 Magdaleno
Viktor Postol TKO11 Selcuk Aydin
Juan Manuel Marquez UD12 Mike Alvarado - MC 117-109 Marquez OC 119-108, 117-109 x2 Marquez

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