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Jermell Charlo: Charlie Ohta's tough, but I was the better man

Jermell Charlo gives his thoughts on his win over Charlie Ohta in Montreal.

First of all, congratulations on the victory. How difficult was this fight for you?

"It was a difficult fight. Charlie Ohta came to fight. He was strong, solid, older guy, had a little experience. He came to win."

You lumped that eye up, and they were really trying to work on it, but it was difficult to finish him off.

"It was. It was difficult even to try to bust the eye open, because he had his guard up pretty high. I give big props to Charlie Ohta. I did what I had to do tonight. I was the better man. I outboxed him. I didn't let him get too close to me. He did get close to me, he hit me with some shots. But we're going to go back to the drawing board and work on these things. That's how you get better."

Round three when you went down, what happened there? Was it a slip, were your feet tangled up?

"Actually, I threw a punch, I missed with that shot. He came back and countered with the right hand. I was already off-balance when I missed the shot, and he hit me, floored me. That's what happens. First time in my career, first time in my life, actually, that I've ever went down. It was a solid shot. That's all I can say."

How did you feel? Did you feel a sense of urgency when you got up?

"I was frustrated. When I got up, I was, like, 'God, Ronnie, you know I've never been down.' This stuff happens. I've seen one of the champions in our gym right now, he went down twice in the ring. And you know, they took a point away from me. There was a lot of stuff going on in that fight. A lot of controversy and adversity I felt like I fought through. I got the victory. 12th round, I boxed. I just wanted to take my time. I wasn't trying to knock him out. I was trying to knock him out earlier in the fight, I hurt him a couple times. I even felt a body shot land so perfectly. Charlie Ohta's just tough."

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