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David Lemieux: Quillin is in the mix, I'm ready for anybody

David Lemieux discusses his dominant win over Fernando Guerrero as well as his options going forward.

Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

First round, you started to impose your will. When did you know you had him in trouble?

"In the first round, I got him with a left hook. I could see in his eye right away, like, he didn't like that. It was only a matter of time from then on. He's a very good fighter, so I always had to be careful of his counter shot. He was also looking for the one-punch glory, so I always had to be careful. I had my hands up. I did what I had to do when I saw the openings."

In the third round, you knocked him out with that uppercut. Is that the best weapon in your arsenal?

"It just came along. We've been practicing at the gym. It's not often we fight southpaws, but my trainer Marc Ramsay saw that my uppercut was coming in in my sparring. He said, 'Alright, so when you're inside, use this shot, then come in with the hook.' So as we had practiced, I got him with the shot, and it just came naturally."

You obviously have power in both hands, because the left hook opened up the cut. When he took the knee, what did you think? Were you surprised?

"No, I wasn't surprised. I knew Guerrero was a very tough guy. I knew he was gonna get back up, even if I knocked him down. But the shots I got him with, they were not just knockdown shots, they were painful shots. It hurt him, like, also mentally. It slowed him down a lot. That's when I started cutting him down both mentally and physically."

You made a name for yourself tonight in the States, we're wondering, who would you like to fight next?

"I've just been concentrating on Guerrero, but there's a window of opportunities for me. For sure, Quillin is in the division. I'm ready to fight anybody. Given the strategy, given the timing, given the money, of course, I'm ready to fight anybody."

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