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GIF: 50 Cent is not good at throwing a baseball

50 Cent has finally found something he's worse at than being a boxing promoter: throwing a baseball.

You know how rapper turned actor turned boxing promoter and all-around Entrepreneur Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson is really not good at promoting boxing events?

Well good news for 50 and his boxing-related supporters: he's even worse at something else, and that something else is throwing a baseball. Here's a GIF of 50 going juuuuust a bit outside throwing out the first pitch at a New York Mets game.

Two things about this:

  • Hey, like, if it had gone straight, it would have reached the catcher. Sometimes people just fire it straight down into the ground.
  • There does seem to be some late screwball action? Maybe 50 was trying to do something really badass but just lost the grip. I'd have respect for that. Go big or go home, you know? YOLO.

Also, just for kicks, a list of Mets who have worn #50, via

Rafael Montero (2014)
Scott Atchison (2013)
Mike O'Connor (2011)
Sean Green (2009-2010)
Duaner Sanchez (2006-2008)
Brian Lawrence (2007)
Victor Diaz (2004)
Matt Watson (2003)
John Thomson (2002)
Benny Agbayani (1999-2001)
Ricky Trlicek (1997)
Juan Castillo (1994)
Sid Fernandez (1984-1993)
Mike Birkbeck (1992)
Ed Lynch (1980)
Andy Hassler (1979)

Sid Fernandez was cool.

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