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George Groves accepts second loss to Carl Froch, Twitter reacts to fight

George Groves reacted to his knockout loss to Carl Froch on Twitter, as did numerous other members of the online boxing community.

Scott Heavey

Twitter was ablaze during today's rematch between George Groves and Carl Froch, who set out to bring a satisfying close to their rivalry after the controversial referee stoppage that ended their first bout in November of 2013. That's exactly what took place, as Froch knocked out Groves with a picture-perfect right hand near the end of round 8, after being outboxed by Groves for much of the fight.

Of all the reactions to the finish, none was better than this one from Groves himself.

Though he didn't get the win he wanted, his good humor and sportsmanship is a pleasant change of pace from the bitter words exchanged between he and Froch since the first fight. It's nice to see Groves take this loss on the chin, figuratively as well as literally.

Below you can find a sampling of other reactions to the KO.

And a sampling of tweets from during the back-and-forth fight.

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