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Amir Khan: I'm quicker than Floyd Mayweather

Amir Khan got the win over Luis Collazo last night on pay-per-view, and says he sees ways he can beat Floyd Mayweather if given the chance.

Harry How
Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Amir Khan was happy with his Saturday night win over Luis Collazo, in which he dropped the veteran three times and was simply too fast and too skilled for the Brooklyn native, and now he's got his sights set (eventually) on facing Floyd Mayweather, believing that he's the man who can finally beat the pound-for-pound king.

Khan (29-3, 19 KO) said he did watch the main event, which saw Mayweather defeat Marcos Maidana via majority decision in a fight that was much tougher than expected.

"Maidana had moments. Floyd looked great as always," Khan said. "I bring speed. I'm quicker than Floyd. I bring explosiveness, and I showed I bring my power to 147.

"I think we're the full package, and we're getting better. We're still improving. I'm going to watch the tape, see what I did wrong. Floyd's getting a little older now. People want the fight now, because they want a young lion to come up and see him get beat.

"If you look at my fights, even the ones I've lost, when it comes to boxing, no one can beat us. Floyd's a master class in boxing, but I've never lost when it comes to boxing. It'll be skills versus skills. And I think the youth will take it."

The 37-year-old Mayweather (46-0, 26 KO) looked a bit vulnerable tonight, but still made the adjustments he's known for, and got the job done against a very determined opponent. Khan, 27, won't face Mayweather next, as Floyd intends to return in September, when Khan cannot fight due to Ramadan. For now, it looks as though Mayweather will rematch Maidana, if the demand is there.

"Floyd changes his style for each fight, but if he was in front of me, I'll get my shots off," Khan said. "If Maidana got one off, I'll get three off. I can't do September due to Ramadan, but it's a fight I'd love to have.

"Floyd's getting older now. He's making mistakes. He's not the same as he used to be. It's a great time to catch him. This is a time where someone young and hungry can catch Floyd. Quick feet will get us a lot of points. I really believe that I can do a lot better than Maidana did, no disrespect."

Golden Boy CEO Richard Schaefer said he knows it's Amir's dream to fight Mayweather, and said he'd do what he could to make that fight a reality. Golden Boy has been angling toward a Mayweather-Khan fight for years now, but Khan has had a habit of losing fights that were perhaps meant to be set-up bouts, such as against Lamont Peterson and Danny Garcia, or losing his leading position for the fight, as happened for this date, when Marcos Maidana beat Adrien Broner and got the call instead.

Schaefer also said he felt Khan's move to 147 pounds was "long overdue," and that, "The good news is, there are a lot of big fights out there for Amir at 147."

Asked about what he saw in Floyd tonight, Khan said, "At times, I did see Floyd hurt. Maidana did really well, better than people thought he would. I was impressed with his performance. But Maidana is much slower than me, and he was catching Floyd. Imagine what I could do."

If Mayweather-Khan is going to happen, chances are we'll see it in May 2015, assuming neither of them loses or has some other setback by then.

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